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145 Slat Humans each individually encased. In glass. Open at the top and four longitudinal corners.

Each one is protected and enshrined alone and together. Isolated, distanced, but clearly visible. Obscured in rain, mist, cold, secretively concealed.

The rigid sequencing of the 145 glass cases itself forms the image of a prostrate Slat Human. Every Slat Human stands alone but at the same time in relationship to the others.

Engaging, approving, disinterested, disapproving.

But at its core is vitality. Its core in this case: rough wood, nailed and glued.


SOCIETY has a place that is yet to be found.
Where encounters are possible.

145 Slat Humans in 145 glass cases with steel pedestal
1.90 (H) x 17.00 (W) x 4.50 (D) m